Visionary #25: Mysha Gardner-White is upholding wise women traditions

Currently my Home is in the Mount Washington neighbourhood of Los Angeles. It’s a sweet peaceful oasis but also close to the city. I love that I can walk to some pretty sweet gardens and go on hikes from my front door.
Photo: Tehya Shea
How was Spirit Weavers Festival for you and your work within the Healing Village?

Spirit Weavers is always an inspirational expansive experience; the first time I attended the gathering I knew I’d found my women, a spirit filled forward thinking sisterhood of deeply activated women focused on supporting one another and lifting each other up. Becoming a facilitator for the Spirit Weavers Healing Village was a natural progression of my dedication to my own healing journey.  The healers within the village are such a blessing as their energy creates a quiet and safe container for attendees to further integrate their experience while at the Gathering.

We’d love to hear more about the spiritual and grounding practices you’ve been doing lately:

I ground by getting outside and reconnecting to nature. Long walks in my neighbourhood and visits to gardens and national parks keep me in touch with Pachamama.

What does conscious living mean to you?

Conscious Living means having an active awareness and intimate connection with the animate and inanimate worlds to which you belong and moving through them with respect, grace and intention.

Describe your typical day:

A typical day includes tea ceremony, meditation, some time in nature, Journaling and working on writing projects, working on my other creative business pursuits, reading part of a good book, and finding time to dance.

What does self care mean to you?

Knowing and unapologetically taking the time to do the things that replenish your energy at soul level.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care rituals? 

Dry brushing and herbal bathing are definite skincare must! Protective styling is so important for hair care, especially in LA’s hot and dry climate.

Any other favourite natural remedies?

I’m a big fan of using organic herbs, food and oils to support your health. These days I’ve been working with Linden Flower tea to detoxify and alleviate stress or any feelings of anxiety.

What inspires your fashion style?

I’ve worked in the fashion realm for a few years now and currently the slow fashion and green fashion movements gaining traction here in the US are so exciting! Travel also has a huge influence on my style, every place you visit the people’s style tells a part of their story.

Photo: Tehya Shea
Follow Mysha on Instagram to enter her world of fashion, art, movement, tea ceremony and more. 
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