Visionary #22: The stars, creativity and self care with Astrology For Artists

Home is my body. I can be in my house, but if my body doesn’t feel right, it’s not my home. Or I can be in another country, and if my body feels good, then that’s my home.
What is Astrology for Artists and why did you start?

It is a way to explore personal creativity from celestial insight. I offer readings, workshops, retreats and events that encourage participants to search deep within for answers to meaningful and important questions that the universe can help us understand and resolve. For me, it’s urgent and important to encourage through art and astrology different ways to search, change, become more resilient and be more creative. I founded Astrology for Artists because I believe everyone is an artist and life is our most important creative act – the more you know yourself the more freedom you have to choose who you want to be.

What are your highlights with your work so far?

The spark in people’s eyes at the end of a workshop or a reading always makes my day. I always say ‘that inspiration comes from within you – you just got inspired by knowing more about yourself!’

What inspires your work?

The potential in people, their curiosity for life, their willingness to heal, and their creative spirit. There is so much potential in our souls, and connecting with our life purpose through astrology can be incredibly transformative.

What kinds of places has your work taken you to so far? 

Geographically, just UK. But spiritually I have travelled with friends, colleagues and participants to plains high and low, light and dark, always emerging stronger, better, happier.

What does self care mean to you? 

Balancing the needs and desires of my body and mind.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care rituals? 

I just shaved my hair off so I’m temporarily free of any product!

Any other natural practices? 

Drinking two litres of water everyday. Epsom Salt for bathing. Morning warm lemon with turmeric drink. A good night’s sleep!
I am an early morning person and having time alone in silence in the morning is the best start of my day. I have several little rituals that are good for my well being – going for walks to allow my mind to ground, stretching my back in the morning to release the tension from my shoulders, preparing my herbal Mate tea every morning, watering my garden & burning South American Palo Santo wood to cleanse the energy in my home between other things.

Find out more about Madeleine’s work on her website and discover her art here.
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