Winter Self Care

This has been a challenging year for most, and more of us have spent more time in our homes and indoors. My body has been a real focus of mine during this time, as I


December Within is the first experience from Retreat Within. A 3-day virtual retreat to explore stillness, wisdom and magic. Cultivated under the final New Moon of 2020, the programme will guide you through the days- Introspection, Alchemy

Visionary #53: Lera Zujeva

Lera Zujeva is a modern pioneer of tea ceremony, and a bastion of mindfulness and stillness amidst busy urban life. With her own brand With T Lovers, her mission is to transmit peace, presence, love

Visionary #52: Emma Slade Edmondson

Emma Slade Edmondson’s world is a colourful place to be. The London-based creator, brand consultant, speaker and podcaster is an advocate of sustainable fashion and bringing awareness to the industry. One glance at Emma’s Instagram,

High Summer Rituals

Life is slow at the moment, but I have been craving this rest and growth period for a long time. Leisurely walks with my dogs have been on the cards recently, giving me a chance